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ţ rump steak

ιţ T-bone steak T

ţ roast sirloin beef

ഺY green fillet

Y fillet steak, country style

ţ beef steak curried

Сţ plain fried calf ribs

ըСţ fried calf ribs

Сţ roast veal

Ȱ ham steak

ۼ saut pork chop

roast lamb

˾ lamb couscous

charcoal grilled minced lamb

Y roast saddle of mutton

grilled mutton chop

㳦 salami

쳦 bologna sausage

Ұζ game pie

Ѭţ pastrami

㳦 ham and sausage

bear's paw

¹ breast of deer

beche-de-mer; sea cucumber

sea sturgeon

Ƥ salted jelly fish

kelp, seaweed


shark fin

ɱ scallops

Ϻ lobster

bird's nest

roast suckling pig

pig's knuckle

ˮѼ boiled salted duck

preserved meat

barbecued pork

㳦 sausage

fried pork flakes



Staple food

fried rice

׷ plain rice

crispy rice

gruel, soft rice , porridge

± noodles with gravy

plain noodle

ɰ casserole

chafing dish, fire pot

meat bun


Բglue pudding

Сmillet congee



ɫ Salad

ɳ ham salad

ɳ chicken salad

ɳ chicken-breast salad

˿ɳ shredded chicken salad

ɳ egg salad

Ƭɳ fish salad

Ϻɳ shrimp salad

Ϻɳ prawn salad

зɳ crab salad

ɳ vegetable salad

߲ɳ vegetable salad

߲ɳ fresh vegetable salad

ƹɳ cucumber salad

ʻƹɳ fresh cucumber salad

Ƭ stewed fish slices with brown sauce



light soup; clear soup; consomme

Ũ thick soup; potage


ͻ creamed ham soup; ham soup with cream

ͼ creamed mashed chicken soup; mashed chicken soup with cream

з creamed crab meat soup; crab meat soup with cream

ţе beef steak with egg

ţ beef steak with egg

ͷţ beef steak with onion

߲ţ beef steak with vegetables

ţ Hamburg steak; hamburger

ʽţ Hamburg steak; hamburger

ʽţ Hamburg steak with egg

ʽţǵ Hamburg steak with egg

ʽţ French steak

ʽţ Rum steak

˿ͨķ fried macaroni with shredded meat

֭ͨķ fried macaroni with tomato sauce

ͳͨķ fried macaroni with butter

ȳͨķ fried macaroni with chicken and ham

֭ͨķ fried macaroni with meat sauce

Ϻͨķ fried macaroni with prawns and eggs

ҿĢͨķ macaroni au gratin



вͲ Chinese Meal Menu



boiled pork sliced 

׿ boiled mutton

ţ fried trips

ⶹ˿ shredded pork and french beans

pork jiont stewed with rock sugar

sweet-and-sour pork with pineapple 

bbq pork(cantonese tyle)/grilled pork 

stir-fried smoked pork

ľ fried shreds of pork, fungus and eggs, meat with omelet and fungus

Y˿ saute pork fillet shreds

Ƭ fried pork sliced 

ⶡ fried meat cubes 

˿ fried shredded pork 

fried pork liver

Ǽ fried tip of pigs tripes 

fried lamb tripes

֭ţ fried beef with soy bean sauce

бⶡ sliced pork with scallion

б˿ pork slices with vermicelli

б fried mutton slice with green scallion

ͷţ˿ shredded beef with onion 

Ƥ˿ crisp rolls of pork, sea-cucumber and bamboo shoots 

˿ asute shredded pork with bamboo shoots

pettitoes with mushrooms

˿ steamed spicy cabbage abd pork

ţ beef in chilli bean sauce

stewed pigs trotters 

Ź steamed spareribs with rice flower

ţ fried curry beef 

ţ˿ sauteed beef shreds with chilli 

stir-fried kidney with chilli and peanuts 

sweet-and-sour pork 

ţ oyster sauce beef

stewed pork with brown sauce

ʨͷ stewed meatballs with brown sauce

Ź spareribs with brown sauce

pork leg braised in brown sauce

braised tendon with brown sauce

ţ beef with brown sauce 

mutton braised in brown sauce

Ͷ˿ shredded tripe with chilli sauce

Ƭ sliced prok with cream sauce

Y saute fillet with thick gravy


ʳStaple food
ʳFried rice with sea food
ţ⳴Fried rice with beef
ʲAssorted fried rice
߲˳Fried rice with vegetable
ʽڶJapanese seafood noodle
׷Steamed rice
ɰDeep fried egg
ױCorn tortillas
߲ɫVegetable salad
֭㽶Honeyed banana
ƤCrispy pineapple
ƻȦDeep fried apple rings
ĢŨCream of mushroom soup
ŨCorn soup
˿ŨSliced chicken soup
Luosong soup
ŹWinter melon soup with pork rib




bean curd

fermented blank bean

pickled cucumbers

Ƥ preserved egg

Ѽ salted duck egg

ܲdried turnip

㽶Milk-shake with chocolate and banana
۹ܹMilk-shake with honey and Hami-melon
֭ܲMixed juice of carrot and orange
â֭Mango juice
֭Orange juice
«ѩ֭Mixed juice of asparagus and pear
ƹϷ֭Cucumber juice with honey
ܹ֭Mixed juice of Hami melon and orange


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